The Ultimate Confidence Boosting Guide


Confidence is like a muscle that you need to exercise on a daily basis.

Some days though, it’s just not there and you have no idea where to find it. We’ve all been there. Everything that can possibly go wrong does and all you can see is that big cloud of self doubt above your head.

Days like these use to make me want to stay in bed, stuff chips in my face and re-watch episodes of charmed that I’ve seen 50,000 times already. I had to realize that I was only making my situation worse. From that came this confidence checklist that I use daily and am now sharing with you guys. I’ve created a daily checklist printable that you can DOWNLOAD HERE now. Keep reading to get the in depth info on how and why you should use this guide.




100% of the time sulking in self doubt will only make you doubt yourself more. I use this guide when i need a kick in the ass to get back on track, when I notice my tiara falling, or when I’m just having an off day.

This list always gives me the strength to BOSS UP and look past the clouds to see that beautiful rainbow shining through.



Make a Pick me up playlist

Music can make anybody feel good. The right lyrics and melody can put you in a completely different space than the one you are in now. Many of us assign songs to memories and emotion or people.

Make yourself a personal CONFIDENCE SOUNDTRACK.

Listen to it whenever you start to feel down EVERYDAY to get you in the right spirit. If

If you need help with song selection, ask yourself these questions:

What is your favorite song?

Which songs motivate you? What type of music makes you feel good every time you hear it?




Look back on your accomplishments

Remember that time you were so fucking proud of yourself that all you could do was smile and grin? Remember when you conquered your fear like a BOSS?

Think about that, think about how bad-ass you were at that moment.

Remember that your Badass, Confident, Beautiful self is still the same person you were back then only smarter.


I really believe smiles are contagious. Even to ourselves…What I mean by that is, smiling typically gives the smilee (recipient of the smile lol) happy and loving energy. Smiling in the mirror can help you to send some of that love and energy directly to yourself.

If you feel too weird about smiling at yourself then take an alternate route.

Watch the funniest video you can think of. Read a bunch of memes, do something that will get a laugh out of you and get stuck in that moment of happiness. Carry that pure feeling of joy with you for the rest of the day.


I feel like we all have heard the phrase, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.”  I’m going to keep it real… I never really knew if or why that was true, I just went with the flow and believed it to be true.


After doing some research I found out that endorphins activate what I will call a Natural high ( I don’t want to get all science-y) that causes a pain relieving effect.

Release that Sh*t! Take a walk, do some yoga, Chase your energizer bunny of a 2 year old around. GET UP AND GET MOVING! Then get back to business!

Write yourself a love letter

How often do you tell yourself that you love you! Or how awesome of a person you are. Do you ever pat yourself on the back for all the crap you deal with on the daily??

Many of us do not give ourselves credit for being  the Badass, Generous, Loving, Awesome-sauce filled people that we are. Sometimes we seriously need a cheerleader but there is no one on the sidelines waving our “YOU GO GIRL” banners. During these times you have to pull out your own damn banner and get to cheering!

Sit down and write yourself a fan letter about how amazing you are. When you are feeling down whip out the letter and cheer yourself on. You can do this, and the only person that you need to convince is yourself.

Self affirmations

I swear by using self affirmations! Our minds have been programmed so horribly by media and beliefs of others.

You need to tell yourself positive things daily to break free of the limiting beliefs your mind conjures up. I know I can’t be the only person who experiences negative thoughts.

You see a job you really want, go through the job description and something in your head tells you that you are not qualified, so you don’t apply. Meanwhile your friend(with a much more positive outlook on life) has the SAME qualifications as you and decides to apply and lands the job.

What is the difference in each case?

The few thoughts before the ACTION or NON ACTION depending who you are in the scenario.

Take a social break

Compare, Compare, Compare! I know you don’t mean to but it’s a little inevitable when you are peeking into someone else’s life. Social media fucks our heads all up. It leads us to believe that the people we follow and admire have perfect lives and we are just…..well not so perfect!

That is completely false and let me tell you why. When you take a hideous selfie do you rush to go post it? Or when you fail a really important test do you go posting the results? Typically NO right?!

We tend to post the “happiest” most edited, filtered, perfectly orchestrated parts of our lives…..not the raw uncut messy parts. Do not be fooled and don’t believe the hype. Take a step back into reality and embrace the beauty in being uniquely and unapologetically you!

The power of No

It is important to commit to bettering yourself and becoming an all around more confident person. To do that those bad habits have to go out the window and get ran over by a truck haha!

The power you have to DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. Just for today say no to that second or third handful of chips. Mid negative thought, change your perspective and come up with a affirmation to replace the negativity. Take charge of your life and embrace the confidence that comes with writing your own destiny

Give yourself a pep talk

My idea of confidence boosting involves a lot of talking to yourself I know!

But at the end of the day confidence truly needs to start and end with you. You cannot depend on others to make you feel confident or worthy. That is your personal duty to yourself.

Pep talks work well when you are giving them to somebody else right? Apply that same care and love you give to others to yourself. If you have a hard time coming up with something to say you can use (Say it with me guys)…….AFFIRMATIONS to give you a push in the right direction.

Say Thank you

Gratitude helps me to get out of many hard times and tough situations. When you are focused on the things that you are grateful for its hard to think about what you are lacking.

Be grateful for those little boobs because you can wear all kinds of cute bras. Appreciate that nice ass and the fact that you don’t need to wear belts. Those beautiful long legs of yours help you reach things us short girls have to go hiking to reach. In any moment of low confidence or self esteem think about the fact that somebody in the world would kill to have the very thing you are being ungrateful for.

There you have it, the guide to boosting and maintaining Confidence. I have also included a daily checklist that you can print and hang or frame in your favorite place.

Be sure to sign up to get the ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE BOOSTING Workbook 

comment down below and let me know if this helped you in any way. 

Stay beautiful my loves,



  1. Asia, I love how you’ve included so many different things on this list!

    “Confidence is like a muscle that you need to exercise on a daily basis.” So true! I don’t always feel confident, but sometimes you just have to fake it until ya make it!

    I really like the idea of creating a pick-me-up playlist – I’m already thinking of so many songs I could include. This is a great idea!

    I also try to always look back on what I’ve accomplished to remind myself that I WILL accomplish more wonderful things in the future…I’m capable of doing that! I’m glad you included taking a social break. This is so important for me, too, because I can get so caught up in comparing myself to others.

    Good thoughts, girl!

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