Strawberry Mint Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Mint Banana Smoothie

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sun-shines. Wherever you are I hope you are having a fabulous day!Just a quick share today….My morning smoothie was so delicious I couldn’t keep it to myself!

Typically I like to cook a hot breakfast; sausage, eggs, waffles…the whole shabang!! But today I woke up this morning craving something sweet.

My favorite go to breakfast meals definitely are smoothies because they are super and quick and easy to make. You can even prepare your ingredients the night before,

Combine them in a freezer bag and either freeze or refrigerate for the following morning.

No Hassle Involved!!

I really just threw it together but it turned out great. The recipe is down below.

Strawberry mint Banana Smoothie


1 ½ Bananas

5-7 Strawberries

1 cup Greek Yogurt

5-10 mint leaves

1 cup ice

Dice up your fruit and Combine with the remaining ingredients in a blender until smooth.


     This took about 5 minutes of my time and I wanted to see if the mint leaves would have any affect on the taste and it did! There was just a small hint that made the drink that much more refreshing!

I hope you enjoy. Comment down below with any other recipes you would like to see in the future


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