How to find the time you Never Lost: Vol 3

How to find the Time you Never Lost: Vol 3


The key to success?

 I promise I won’t make a corny DJ khaled reference about keys in this post (other than this one of course lol)

I am going to lay out the steps to ending your procrastination streak and finally getting on the winning team. Last week we created our own definitions of time, and began to look at life and time as a gift. You can access that part of this series here if you are just joining us. The definition that I came up with is

TIME: Endless, Abundant; always in my favor.

Simple. I created a definition that reflects exactly what I wish for.


This week is all about ACTION.

Breaking bad habits is one of the hardest things in the world to do until you finally accomplish it. Remember taking any step towards your goal is better than wishing you did.

Get clear about what it is you want first. SET THE INTENTION.

So you know what your goals are now what?

Now you take action, you make choices and go after success.


I want to tell you the secret to how I was able to stop procrastinating and follow through with my goals.

Now keep in my that this is an ongoing process and I am no professional. But if I can help by sharing what is working for me then I am all in.

The key is simply honesty. 

Who or what would you say is your worst enemy?

If the answer is anything but yourself then you’ve got some more digging to do my friend.

When you eat that bag of chips even though you’re dieting. When you stay on the couch and Netflix and chill all day instead of working out. You know you have a youtube video to film or a blog article to write but you just can’t seem to stop scrolling through social media. These are all of the things we are going to take responsibility for starting today. I want you to pay close attention to your actions and really be honest with yourself.


I really really realllyyy love chips lol. But eating them is not going to help me get to my fitness goal are they??

Its super hard to come to terms with that I know. Before I wouldn’t even think twice and just go with what I wanted at that moment. Then after I always go back to thinking about my goals and being mad at myself.

That is 100% my opinion but I’m sure some would agree.

The next time you catch yourself in one of these moments ask yourself a few questions.

 “Is this going to get me closer to my goal?” 

I follow that by another question…..What do you want more?

And Remember what the key is here, HONESTY. So in asking myself that question and actually being honest I got the answer that I was looking for. It typically is NOT the answer that I want to own up too and follow but that is what overcoming obstacles is all about. It is still up to you to decide what you go for.

But before you make a choice think about this…

How good do you feel about yourself when you finish that bag of chips? How frustrating is it to look at the clock and realize you wasted a day netflix and chillin and you haven’t achieved your daily fitness goal? I have been in both of these places so I am speaking from experience when i say typically I feel like shit afterwards. Can you relate?


If so then take a few of the methods that I mentioned earlier and try them out for yourself. Be honest, Put forth your best effort and I am sure you will feel good about yourself and your journey afterwards.

Tasks for the week

Take atleast one action this week towards one of your goals. Use these affirmations to remind yourself that you are in control. Take 5 minutes out of your 24 hour day and repeat these to yourself 3- 5 times.


I am in control of my destiny

Today I will make the right choices

I am aware of my goals, I am aware of my actions

I am already successful



Next Week  we will work on analyzing where our time is being distributed and how we can manage it better.


Use the hashtag #FindingtimewithAsia on Twitter or IG and let me know how things are going




As always thanks so much for taking this journey with me





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