How to find the time you never lost Vol 4

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How to find the time you never lost Vol 4how to find the time you never lost


What tf am I doing all day?


We’ve gone through the importance of time and using the power of our minds to our own advantage. Its time to figure out what your time is being dedicated to. Hopefully you have already owned up to the fact that the time we are so frantically searching for does actually exist. We share the same 24 hours, the same 365 days a year and you mean to tell me out of the 8,760 hours in an entire year you can’t make time to do anything that you love?


I call bullshit!…..Seriously, if the President can make or find time to have dinner with his family; Beyonce can go on a world tour and still find time to enjoy being alive and be with her damn sure can make time to start or finish anything that you put your mind to.

So where exactly is the time going? How about we figure it out once and for all.




Its time to get real and be honest guys! Not only with me but with yourselves. This is a very important step in the process.

How to determine where you are SPENDING your time.


We spoke earlier about being conscious of your actions. That along with a few tools I will be sharing will help you figure out how your time is being distributed.

You need to be aware of what you are doing and conscious of the fact that you desire to make a change in your life. That alone is about 50% of the work. The other 50% is solely action.

Ready for today’s assignment?

I want you to grab a journal, a note pad, the memo app in your phone….whatever you can get your hands on


(Don’t make any excuses here, make an effort please! )

As you go about your day, keep track of where the time is going. Work, school, television, SOCIAL MEDIA( side eye)….No matter what it is write it down. If you are at home or somewhere secluded you can set alarms to help you with this process. Every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours; you decide, when the alarm goes off write down what you did and restart.

No one will see the list unless you decide to share it so do not be afraid to tell the truth. You know the saying…The truth will set you free my friend!


At the end of the day reflect on exactly how you spent your day. Chances are you have a routine even if it is not an ideal one so what you did today will show you what you typically do on a daily basis.


Now make a second list

Jot down anything that you wish you would have done and all of the things you could have done but chose not to. Some examples would be : Donate my old clothes, Go to the gym, Volunteer at the school, Clean out the pantry, write a blog post, make a doctors appointment

Hold on to those lists, we’ll be using them soon.


In the meantime tweet me using the hashtag #FindingtimewithAsia and let me know some of the things you would like to share from your lists.




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