How to find the time you never lost Vol 2


Redefining Time

Welcome back everyone. Thanks for joining me again. If you miss last weeks introduction to this series you can read it here.

Today we will be discussing time obviously lol but more so the very first steps to managing it more effectively……So lets jump right into it

The very first step in finding time and time management is going back to the drawing board and redefining your meaning of time. When you think of time what are your thoughts like? Are they somewhere along the lines of, “I need more..” or “never enough…”?

If so then we need to change that stigma that time has in your life. The only way to change that stigma is to prove to yourself that you current definition is false.

You can achieve that with practice and a plan. We’ll go deeper into that later.

We have become so unappreciative when it comes to time. We live as if we know ,”oh yeah i can do that tomorrow.” ….” i’m just going to wait until i lose 5 more pounds” , “I have until next Thursday to finish the paper”.


This is usually the first and biggest mistake we tend to make daily. Somehow we’ve become so comfortable that we forget that tonight, tomorrow and even the next hour of our life is not promised.

No Regrets

You are only guaranteed this moment right now! And in knowing that you should want to make the most out of every moment  you are gifted with.

Time is one of the most precious things we have and many of us take it for granted day after day. You have to remember this in order to make a change in your life…..

That sure as hell is a kick in the ass reminder to never take one day for granted. You will only have this day once in a lifetime so why not make it a phenomenal regret free day.

If there are goals you want to accomplish, make a plan and take a step towards it. If you want to lose weight, set a goal and go for a walk. Even the tiniest of steps is better than remaining in a unhappy, undesirable place in life.

I want you to remember that only YOU have control over where you will be in the next 30 days, or 5 years.  If you know that you do not want to be where you are then simply get up and get out of that spot.

Easy right….Just kidding I know it may not be easy in the beginning but there is beauty in watching a transformation.

More importantly what’s more beautiful than having a front row seat to your OWN transformation??


Your assignment for today is to

Think about Time as a gift instead of property that you possess.

Create your own definition of time geared towards your success.

Although you do not “own” time,  you do own your choices.

Carry that thought with you for the week.Use it as a daily affirmation.

“I do not own time, but I do own my choices.”

In addition think about one thing that you would do if today was your last day on earth? Would you be proud of the choices you’ve made thus far or regret not taking chances to get to where you wanted to be?


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I hope you have an amazing week,




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