How to find the time you never lost Vol 1

Welcome welcome welcome ……..and Thank you so much for joining me and the Do it all with Asia community. If you are here then I assume you have a few time management issues you want to work out. The good news is that I’m going to show you

How to find the time that you never lost.

The not so good news is that this is a process that will take hard work and dedication. So are you up for it??

How to find time

Of course you are So lets get right into it

This series is designed to target our time draining activities, excuses and self doubt. Replacing those barriers with time-management skills, Accountability and self praise.

Each week we will discuss limiting behaviors and beliefs and how to overcome them. There will also be a weekly task at the end of each post to help you along the way.

My hope is that we can work on our issues together, supporting and encouraging each other over the next 5 weeks and beyond.

I hope that you are ready to take your productivity to the next level and dump your excuses in the garbage.

Over the next few weeks we will be analyzing how you spend your days so that we can weed out what is important and what is holding you back from greatness.

I myself have struggled (and still struggle occasionally) with finding time; not only to do the things that I have to get done but also the things that I want to get done. I.e. hobbies, goals, Me Time! Etc.

What I had to come to terms with (and you will too) is that the time is and has always been there. You and I and everyone else in the world have the same 24 hours to make Sh*t happen.

My time was being spent on  social media, browsing the internet, or watching tv for the most part. The time that I claimed I didn’t have was there, being wasted. And I can never get it back. I had to open my eyes and get real with myself to even begin to make a change to my lifestyle.

The ugly truth

I hate to be the one to have to break it to you but here it goes…

Saying you dont have the time to do xyz makes you a liar!

I know you must be thinking “did she just call me a liar?!?”

YES, yes i did but let me explain

Saying that you dont have time to do xyz makes you a liar…….

UNLESS you truly BELEIVE that you dont have enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals then that makes you naive lol.

(*Note: Expect only realness in these posts, sugarcoating wont help either of us)

So how exactly are we going to FIND THE TIME THAT WAS NEVER LOST?


FIRST we change our beliefs about time and how we manage it


Next we take actions towards using time to our benefit (planning, eliminating distractions, taking risks)

Then, we kick some butt and get Sh*t done!


So now that you know exactly what you’ll be getting into take the week to contemplate what you would like to get out of this series. 


Tweet me using the hashtag #FindingtimewithAsia and let me know what you have on your lists


The real work starts next week so get ready to FIND THE TIME YOU NEVER LOST!


See you then,



P.s. Read the next part in this series here.


  1. Shekinah Henderson

    I’m def taking part in this series! I have soooo much I know want/can accomplish far as building my brand but lack consistence due to my time management :/…but I’m looking forward to it! Great read

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