Essentials Things for Fall 2016

Cool air, cool tones, cool vibes. Fall sixteen is on its way and I can’t wait. As I prepare I wanted to share my Fall essentials with you guys. Items,Trends and Routines that are a must have this upcoming season.


fall essentials


It may just be me, but Fall is awesome.

I am biased though. I’m a fall baby!!

Beautiful colors, pumpkins, cider,leaves falling, deliciously baked ANYTHING…

Something about fall makes me feel calm and at peace. I just want to snuggle under a huge blanket and watch movies all day in front of a fireplace with family.


Anyways, we are here to get you ready for fall right, so let’s get to it.


FALL ’16 Essentials



The very first thing I think to pull out in the fall are my boots.

Tall boots,ankle boots (which are my fav) any kind of boots. You may be able to get away with open toed shoes and sandals for a little while longer if you live on the east coast but soon you’ll have to put those to bed until next year. The right pair of boots can bring an entire outfit together with little effort.

That is another reason why I love fall, it is the season that takes the least effort and you can still manage to be cute and stylish!


my favorite type of scarf to wear are the infinity scarfs just because they are super comfy and cute and I can almost guarantee you can find one to go with any outfit you own. Forever twenty- one has a nice variety of infinity scarfs that you can check out here.



Who doesn’t love sweater season, seriously??How can you get bored with so many styles. They are also my fall and winter go to when Im not in the mood to put together a outfit. Throw on a sweater and some jeans and wala- Magic: 5 minute slay. I am not very picky about where I buy my sweaters, as long as its cute and matches my wardrobe then Im all for it. Im sure you have some that are years old and they still fit great and go with anything. Pull those out and get ready for those cute and cozy days when you’ll have to throw one on.



Each season calls for tweaking your makeup routine. During the fall and winter seasons, there is usually a lot more wind and dry air which can cause some of us to get dry skin.

First and most important makeup fall essential: Stay moisturized. Swap out products that tend to dry up throughout the day. You should also exfoliate as needed weekly or daily. Stay on top of your skin care routine so that your makeup stays flawless throughout the year.
Its also time to shelve the bright lipstick colors, maybe not all of them; its totally up to you. I typically go for dark tones on the lips. Nudes worn all year round of course. Browns, maroons, even black if you are daring enough. Ditch the bright lipsticks and come on over to the dark side for a while.


These essentials paired with some candles, movie marathons, hot chocolate and loved ones is what I call the complete fall package. I hope you enjoyed my round up of fall essentials and if you have any of your own that you would like to share please do so in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading loves,


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