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Hey beautiful people I hope you all are getting through your week stress free. I have a lot in store for you guys so I wouldn’t say I’ve had a completely “stress free” week so far but it has been productive. (Hints why this is my first post this week) Anywho, I wanted to update my eyebrow tutorial…(pictorial rather) and show you guys my new method. I always say a good brow day is an all around good day…so with that being said here is an updated video tutorial on how I do my Brows!

eyebrow tutorial


Updated Eyebrow Tutorial

Whats Different?

Since the last post I have changed my daily product to a more affordable drugstore product. Not because it is more affordable or a drugstore product but simply because I like this product a lot better. The NYX tame and frame brow pomade is bomb! Plain and Simple.

I’ve also ditched the angel brush for now.

One day I couldn’t find my angled brush and went for a liner brush instead. Since then I havent gone back to the angled brush. The liner bush allows me to create hair like strokes alot better than the angled brush. Everything looks more clean and natural which is what I go for when snatching my brows. I hate the drawn on look and I’m sure I’m not the only one haha. I mean do whatever you feel comfortable with and what works best for you. Right now I’m feeling the liner brush and the outcome a little better so this will be my routine until I come across a better method.


The last thing that I now do differently is adding a bb cream after cleaning my brows with concealer. I dont wear eyeshadow that often unless I’m doing a new look for you guys. So on every other day when I just do my brows I add the bb cream to my lids to bring back more of my skin complexion that the concealer covered up.


An alternative would be to simply use a concealer that is your skin tone and that will eliminate the need for the bb cream.


These are just a few tips and tricks that I use and hopefully they can be of some use to you and your ongoing Brow Journey lol.


You can check out my previous pictorial here to see the difference in product and tools.


I hope you have many more good Brow days.

If there is a certain tutorial you would like to see be sure to comment down below.


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  1. Mili

    I’m not all that great at doing my brows so I really need to watch this. The idea of adding a bb cream after it’s all done is brilliant! I hate how one dimensional my lids look when I add concealer to them.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    • Asia

      I hate it too lol thats why I decided to try the bb cream and it did wonders…you should definitely give it a try. Thank you so much for reading love.

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