Creative ways to find your passion | Live a passion filled life

Creative ways to find your passion

Are you living a passion filled life? Or are you just rolling with the motions, accepting whatever comes your way? In order to start living a life you are passionate about you have to first know what your passion is right?  Some of you may say Duhhh Asia ::and I’ll take that lol:: but some of you may be in a place where you don’t even know what it is you’re passionate about.

I have been in that place, I have been confused and lost and I completely understand. We tend to pick up silly habits/hobbies/people to fill the empty void within ourselves sometimes thinking that will make us better.

So many people live their entire lives without finding their passion and purpose here on earth. And that is not always due to them not wanting to find it, it was just the lack of tools. We should grateful to live in a world where we have so many resources (including one another) to help bring clarity to questions and problems we have.


So here I am, looking to be somewhat of a resource to you. Sharing ways you can use to find whatever it is that takes the least effort but gives you the most fulfillment in life.

Find your passion

The first thing I want to make clear is that I am not giving tips on how to find a JOB. JOB and PASSION are like day and night. Some people have the pleasure of working in fields directly associated with their passions. That’s GREAT, but that may not be the path for you. When I say passion I am referring to things like:

Helping others


Being a mother

Being an artist( of any nature)



You could be an amazing painter but what you are passionate about is teaching underprivileged kids painting basics.The same for a teacher, that may be your profession but your passion lays in children. In other words, passion is deeper than a job or profession.


What are you effortlessly good at?

It could be something that you ignore like writing, bringing people together, drawing…the possibilities are endless. Just think for a minute about your talents, usually we can think of at least one thing right off the top. Write it down if you have thought of one. If not, then take it a step further.

Instead write down 5 names of the people that you are the closest with. Ask each of them what they believe your talents or gifts are :: I will be interchanging the words throughout the post 🙂 ::  


Now I don’t want you to be one of those people who just takes what people say and runs with it. The purpose is not to take each answer and assume them to be facts for your life. What you should do instead is look for similarities in the answers. Do any of these people see the same traits in you?


By all means if you really want to take all the answers and give them all a try, I would say go for it. You aren’t losing anything. If you try it and it turns out that thing is not your cup of tea, you’ve knocked something off the list and at the same time broke a barrier and tried something new. You’re on the winning team boo, Congrats.


Understand the process



Please, ::Im begging you:: Please, don’t let that deter you from even trying. Think about a time when you finally got something you worked your ass off for. ( A grade, a raise, a job) How proud were you? Extremely right?, it’s a great feeling to overcome a obstacle, no matter the size.


I have to add, DONT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF. We are our own worst critics. Be kind to yourself, and always believe that your possibilities are endless…because they are.

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Shadow your idols


Who peaks your interest on social media or in real life? Someone that you admire and can relate to in terms of goals and ambitions. They may be able to give you some insight on where to start. When you talk to your co worker and find out she just started her own business, ask how she got started.

If you are obsessed with dental hygiene and your neighbor is a dentist, ask how they got started in that field. Don’t just stalk them on Snap and IG. And if you are gonna be a stalker, be useful to yourself and find out a little more about the person’s journey as opposed to just scrolling mindlessly through pretty images. You just might spark something in yourself and realize what your next move needs to be in the passion finding process.


Get out of the damn box


You know one thing for sure, What you are currently doing is not making you as happy as you know you could be right??

So I challenge you to get your ass up out of that old tired raggedy box and doing something different for a change. The same actions are always gonna get you the same actions my love. Sorry to break it to you. But the good thing in all this is that at any moment you can make a choice to take a new route.

See how I snuck that third thing in without you even noticing hahaha…skills! ::


If you are afraid to fail, don’t be. Start really small….I’m talking as small as drawing a picture. Just to see if that’s your thing. Or you can take it a step further by joining a class or volunteering in your community.


There are many ways to find what you are passionate about, you just have to pay attention to the signs.

Can you can figure out what drives you to get up and get moving everyday? If so let me know in the comments below. If not tell me what questions you have that you think will lead you in the right direction…


Until Next time Friends,



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