Welcome to Do It All with Asia

Do it all with asia

Welcome to Do it All with Asia Hello Babes, Welcome to Do it all with Asia! I haven’t formally introduced myself, How rude of me right?!? I know I know please forgive me!  If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m Asia your tour guide into my life, experiences, hobbies, successes and failures….yep those too!   … [Read more…]

Strawberry Mint Banana Smoothie

strawberry mint banana smoothie

Strawberry Mint Banana Smoothie Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sun-shines. Wherever you are I hope you are having a fabulous day!Just a quick share today….My morning smoothie was so delicious I couldn’t keep it to myself! Typically I like to cook a hot breakfast; sausage, eggs, waffles…the whole shabang!! But today I woke up this morning craving … [Read more…]