Beginner Friendly Eyebrow Tutorial

Beginner Friendly Eyebrow Tutorial

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I always get questions about how I do my eyebrows so i decided to make a tutorial for you guys.  This Eyebrow pictorial is beginner friendly so I will be walking you through all the little tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years.

Now let me say this!! I am always learning and I encourage everyone to do the same. With that being said some days life doesn’t wanna cooperate and Frankie ( my left insubordinate eyebrow) wants to show her ass but its ok. We all have those days…Push through! Fleekness takes time lol. But enough of that….. Grab your tools, Pray to the Fleek Gawds and Enjoy!

Eyebrow Tutorial

Step 1:

Start by brushing your hair in a upward motion. You want to start with a clean smooth surface.

Step 2: 

Outline the base of your eyebrow.

Essentially what we are doing is creating our shape. My Go-To product is Anastasia Beverly hills Brow pomade in the color…….You can grab yours here.

Step 3: 

Create the outer “wing” of the Brow

TIP: To fill in the “wing” of the brow you want to use light stroking motions. This will help the product you’re using to look more like hairs as opposed to idk….slapped on dark stuff :/

Step 4: 

Continue to fill in brow with light stroking motions. I personally do not outline the top of my brows because it makes them look less natural. Do what works for you!

Step 5:

Take your spooly brush and brush in a upwards motion. This will tone down the product making the brows less “cakey”.

Step 6:

Clean up on isle 6 please!! Take a concealer or your foundation to tidy up those brows. 

And whala, Magic! 

I hope that this was helpful to you guys and please comment down below if you have any questions and let me know some of your favorite brow products are! Thanks for reading loves!Eyebrow Tutorial

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