5 types of Perfection Paralysis and how to overcome them all

5 types of Perfection Paralysis

perfection paralysis

Correct me if I am wrong, but perfection paralysis is one of the most common afflictions we face as entrepreneurs, aspiring(fill in the blank) and people in general. It is also my personal opinion that no matter what type of perfection paralysis you have the cure for them all is the same and simple. I’ll go into detail about what that cure is below.


I know you are probably thinking, “How do I even know if I have perfection paralysis?” Well I have a few questions that you should ask yourself before we get to the good stuff. These should be answered simply with a yes or a no.


Have you started the journey?

Do you have a clear vision for your goals and dreams?

Do you have an actionable plan in place to achieve those goals?

Do you really what to make this happen?


You may have answered with all yes’s or all no’s…..only you know. The truth is either way you could still have some sort of perfection paralysis within you. I would like to speak to those who answered no first.


I bet you can guess what my first suggestion would be to you right?

Get started with the questions above before you go any further.  Many times our lack of action comes from not having a clear vision or goal so we really don’t know what to do or where to start.

And where does that lead us…the same place we were last year. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing..but what if you could have more? What if you did more?


I want you to remember something super important. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and chasing the “BIG FISH” in life. It all starts with you and YOU are the only person that can get yourself to that finish line.


If you answered yes to those questions then my question to you is what is really getting in your way of greatness? I’m willing to bet that that “what” is actually a “who” and that “who” my darling is you. Can you accept that and begin to make changes for the sake of your dreams coming true?


With that being said, Here are the 5 types of perfection paralysis and how to overcome each one:

The researcher

There just is a never ending list of things that you need to look up and study before you start your personal journey. You research everything you possibly can and still you have nothing to show for it. I have probably been all 5 of the offenders I’m gonna tell you about at some point but this one is the most familiar to me. I had the feeling that If i educated myself on the every single thing in my niche I would have a better chance of succeeding. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!

This is not the way to go friend. Through experience I can now attest to the fact that taking action, trying and failing and taking risk gives you wayyyyy better chances of succeeding than researching for years will ever do. Do yourself, me, your future clients a favor and just take the first step toward any goal you want to accomplish.


Ms/Mr Do over

Ok so you’ve recorded your first youtube video. But it’s just something about it that doesn’t sit right with you. There’s no way you can post this video and now you have to re record it. Second time around and you notice you don’t have a certain product that you wanted to show to your viewers. Well now you have to wait until you get that specific product and re-record the video AGAIN. I’ll stop here because you and I both know the cycle doesn’t stop there.


 In these cases we get so caught up in SELF MADE reasoning on why you need a million do overs before you send it into the world.

Can you see the paralysis in this way of thinking?

Don’t get so caught up in details that you never finish your project. If you can fix something immediately by all means do that and put forth your best work. If not, its ok….it is completely ok to progress ya know!

Just keep in mind that the people who support you are interested in seeing you grow and evolve. Put the blog post up with medium quality images if that is all you have. When you finally are able to get those high quality images, or fans, supporters and hell even your haters will notice the improvement.


The postponer

What’s the one thing or list of things that you are waiting on to get started on your goals? Are you one of those people who has to wait until you have the right materials? Until you lose ten pounds? Until you have the money to fund the dream?
Until, Until, Until…the list goes on and your progress goes nowhere.
That’s just the truth!
So you have a goal and an idea of how to get there….great! What good is that goal going to do if you never fully act on it? Wanting to showcase your best work is totally fine. The problem comes along once your desire for perfection stops your progression. Do what you can now….allow your audience to witness your growth. They will appreciate you and your craft and your journey more in the end.

Who knows, you could inspire someone else to start where they are by showing them your own courage.


 The Procrastinator

“I just need to take care of this first”
“I don’t have time to work on my dreams”
“I’m just too busy”
“I have to many responsibilities”
Do any of those sound familiar to you? Your excuse pool is overflowing and believe it or not your life is a direct reflection of that.
Pushing yourself, your desires, and your goals to the back burner only makes for a less fulfilling life. You will never truly be satisfied with your position in life because you are neglecting the most important person’s needs and wants….YOURS!
We all have responsibilities and obligations that we have to tend to daily. Still your idols make a way to handle business, take care of family and accomplish goals….Pretty amazing right? So what is the secret, how do they do it? The truth is, the answer is not a secret and it never has been.
Time management, awareness, and the will to get it done can take you a long way. Sure you may need to sacrifice a night of First 48 reruns.
But ask yourself….WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE? In the long run will you taking 45 minutes to work on your personal goals be more beneficial than catching up on shows? Think about it honestly and make your decision. You create the life you want with the actions you take.

The Bullshitter

I saved this for last because its time to get real with you friend! We dish out tough love here and its only for your own good I promise!
You know good and well by now if you are a bullshitter or not. We can hide behind other titles but deep down we know the truth.
If you have clear visions, clear goals and still choose not to act on any of them, you my love are a bullshitter. If you wait until the last minute and produce half ass work just to say you did it…BULLSHITTER!

I could go on but lets just talk about why this the most damaging of them all.

You are giving up your full potential for momentary happiness( social media, tv, random google searches, binge watching yt…etc). Speaking from experience, most times when we submit to the lesser version of ourselves; its caused by fear. Fear of failure, fear of attention, fear of challenges, just plain old fear! It’s ok to admit, we all suffer from fear at some point in our lives.
What is not ok is letting your life, your goals, your potential slip away because you are afraid. That’s not what BOSSES do. We overcome, We break down barriers and we face our fears. I encourage you to embrace this everyday. Step out of your comfort zone if only for a minute at first and breathe that FEARLESS air. You won’t regret it. 

Now about that cure to these types of perfection paralysis

……ITS ALL ABOUT ACTION BABY! Seriously…every type of perfection paralysis can be treated with actionable steps towards your goals. It does not matter the size of the action. If you can only start small…do that! If you can take a big leap towards your dreams…GO for it. One step at a time, one day at a time will get the job done.
Most importantly you must always remember that you are not the only one going through the beginning motions. EVERYONE starts at the bottom, its nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. You should only be ashamed of not giving your all to a life you only get to live once!


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Stay motivated friends,


  1. I love this post. I’m super insecure and tend to hide behind it. I don’t live life to it’s fullest because I’m anxious and scared… I’ll follow your advice for sure.
    Thank you so much for this post. xoxo

    • Asia

      Thank you so much for reading and deciding to go after your goals, I know you’ll do great in whatever you choose to do!

  2. I admit I have all of these, I try and not do them with my blog but it happens. I’m scared of judgment.
    I procrastinate ALL the time, and I need to stop that.
    I also do stuff over all the time because I’m a perfectionist with anxiety!!!!
    I can postpone s*it until the last minute, did that in High School and College.
    I can be a bullshitter sometimes, especially when it comes to expanding my niche or doing videos.
    Any ideas what to do besides action? I have bad anxiety so action terrifies the crap out of me.

    • Asia

      Thanks so much for reading, I too suffer from anxiety and I know taking action is much easier than it seems. I would suggest that you try daily actions like focusing on your breathing when you become anxious to take your mind off of the issue. Make plans, when things are set up and in place its much easier to follow through. Lastly, trust yourself. Do what feels good, take one step at a time and celebrate EVERY SINGLE ACCOMPLISHMENT you make, it’ll encourage you to take more steps in the future. I hope that helps love, feel free to email me if you have any other questions or want to talk a little more 🙂

  3. Nonheartless

    You hit the nail on the nose with this one! I just wanna say thank you not only was it a great read but it was encouraging!!

  4. It’s funny looking through this list and seeing bits and pieces of things I struggle with in all of the different aspects of perfection paralysis. I take my work and my writing So seriously, and because it’s so important to me that my work is well done, it’s very easy to get caught up in making it perfect before putting it out. This was a good reminder just to give my all and know that I tried.

  5. I always over think my articles and content and sometimes I can’t even bring myself to posting it because I’m too scared of what would happen if I did. When I should realise that NOTHING will happen if I don’t and that’s not really the goal, is it?
    Katja xxx

  6. Robin Rue

    I am a procrastinating perfectionist. It is seriously the worst thing because I wait until the last minute but everything has to be perfect.

  7. I have experienced every one of these in almost every facet of life. And you are absolutely correct. The only way to fix it is to get the party started.

  8. Elizabeth O.

    This one is an eye opener, sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re being one of these types of people. This is why it’s important to analyze yourself from time to time. In the end it will always be up to you.

  9. I’ve always been a go-getter but have also been a postponer. I learned something new with this and it sure helps you become aware when we become our own hindrances.

    All the best,

  10. I guess it is fair to say that I have suffered from all of these types of perfection paralysis at one time or another. You’re right that it all comes down to action and that it doesn’t matter the size of the action as you can start small to get the ball rolling.

  11. Ave

    I’m the researcher and the postponer for sure! You are right, only we can make changes in our life and achieve the goals we have set. Nobody else can do it for us.

    • Asia

      So True! Im glad you were able to identify which ones you relate to so you can begin to improve them, Thanks so much for reading 🙂

    • Asia

      Thank you, You may want to reach out to others close to you for help or seek professional advice. If you ever want to talk I am here 🙂

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