5 things you should try NOT to do as a New Mother

Being a new mother can be stressful, everything is new and unfamiliar and times get hard. If no one has told you this yet, let me be the first. I also want you to remember that YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS! Literally! Everyday wont be easy but here are

5 things you try NOT to do as a new mother


Do not blame yourself

Speaking on behalf of my experiences alone, the first few months of being a new mother are the hardest. Having to adjust to a totally new lifestyle and not knowing exactly what to do can be taunting.

Don’t blame yourself for not knowing. We have to learn new things all the time. Being a new parent is like the mother load of all life lessons. Do not stress yourself out even more than you already are. Kiss that bundle of joy you are holding and enjoy the experience.

Stop sleeping with the enemy

And by enemy I mean your pride! Just because you are a mom now does not mean you know it all.

When my son was born I felt like there was no reason why I shouldn’t have my sh*t together. I had a whole 9 months to prepare, read and figure out how to be a mom. This was a mistake and hopefully I can help you not to do the same.

No one expects you to be an expert. Reach out to your mother, your grandmother, or anyone willing to give you an listening ear. Sometimes all we need is to feel less alone, like there is someone who understands what it is that we are feeling at the time. There is someone who knows exactly how you feel and may be able to coach you through a difficult time. Do not go to bed with the world on your shoulders, aka sleeping with your pride. Ask when you need help, Vent when you need to vent and Figure it out when its time to figure sh*t out!


Don’t misdirect your anger

We get frustrated a lot, whether it be with our children, ourselves or someone else…it happens! Many times we blame others before looking at ourselves to see what we personally contributed to the frustration. What are upset about? Are you just so fed up with crying and screaming that you want to run through a wall? Or are you honestly upset at the fact that you have no idea why this little boy keeps crying and you cant figure out how to sooth him? Try taking a step back to think about the source of your anxiety or frustration. Take the steps to mitigate it the next go round.

Don’t water your neighbors’ grass

Mind your business. Your baby is your business and your business alone. She is a unique being and there is no other cutie pie on the planet like yours. Just like adults, babies should be treated like the individuals that they are. Don’t worry about what Janet’s baby can do at 7 months. That is not your business. Does your little guy have problems holding his ba-ba or sleeping through the night? Think about what you can do to help that situation. Focus your energy on your child’s achievements and creating more of them, not on the fact that little Jack down the street can walk and your LO cannot Greatness takes time. Relax Babe!

Don’t give up

Things happen! Sometimes a little more than we’d prefer but what can you do about it? You can choose to let your life run you, OR you can run your life. All of the crying, poop, spit up, sleepless nights are nothing compared to what it took to get the little one here. I will say it again just in case you didn’t get it the first time…


All you have to do is let the love flow and the rest will work itself out.

I hope that on a bad day or in a time of frustration you can look at this list and turn your day around completely.

In no way am I telling you what to do with your children. Rather reminding you to look for new experiences for what they are. NEW! And get the most out of this learning experience. Being a new mother can get frightening but its nothing you cannot handle.

You ARE a Superwoman, Own it!





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